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"And they overcame [the accuser] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death." - Revelation 12:11

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We are Precious to Him

Last year we had returned from Black Lake in the fall (for the last time for the season after closing it up for the winter) and my husband couldn't find his MP3 player anywhere. We searched high and low - through everything we brought back and it was nowhere to be found. 


Now he really enjoys his MP3 player . . . he has all his favorite quiet instrumental and Christian music on it and listens to it often, every night as he drifts off to sleep.  I was feeling sooo bad that we couldn't find it.   He's a person who is super-conscientious and good about packing and being organized;  I was quite sure I or one of the kids had borrowed it, and that we may have left it at the cottage, which we wouldn't be returning to for 7 months.

So I had been praying about it, that somehow we did have it and that God would help us find it. After a couple weeks one morning as I was praying, sitting at the kitchen table all of a sudden a black nylon bag popped into my mind, out of the blue.  I thought, oh my gosh I think God is showing me where it is!  I looked around and could see the corner of a nylon bag under some coats in a pile on the floor. I couldn't believe it!   My heart started beating so fast and I just knew it was in there!   Well, it wasn't.  


So I thought - we have lots of nylon duffle bags we had taken stuff in on our trip, but I had already totally gone through each one and put them in the attic. Well, I figured I better go check them out. One by one I searched them. All of a sudden (I have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this) I felt something small and hard in the outside pocket of one, zipped it open as fast as I could, and there it was!   I was in utter amazement!   My heart soooo full of gratitude to God!  Here I had totally gone through each bag and never would have looked in them again until we went to use them in the spring.   But God heard the cry of my heart for something that was dear to my husband - and showed me where it was.


A testimony of God speaking to me, even in a simple matter.  Because of His overwhelming love for me, He wants to be involved in every detail of my life.  Thank you Lord! :)



Thank you, again, Lord! :)


-Paula S.