Prophet's Corner

May 27, 2023


So often, we get focused on the details which might not be that important. But God is going to help us to back away from the minutia to give us a zoomed-out view and thus provide a God-sized overall perspective about how we should see and what we should be about.



May 26, 2023


When the church wrings her hands because of the immoral state of our society, so often it is said, “We need to get back to good old-time religion, or at least good Christian morality.” But let me say to you, the moral, cultural, and political failure of the United States is because of the church and her insistence upon teaching the law and the rules and morality instead of proclaiming Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, and His whole salvation, and by His doing the Holy Spirit poured out to lead each person into all truth. It is in fact the consequence of the supposedly Christian church that immorality is rampant. Let me remind you: the law never produces morality; morality preached never reduces immorality. It is the saving Grace of the Lord Jesus, it is His blood smeared over our ways, it is being led by the Holy Spirit that create a reality in which godliness abounds. The consequence of a church that has preached legalism, the curse of the law which came through the mouths of false teachers, the lie that you can eat of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil at the same time and the outcomes of this lie: these are the reasons we see Western Society in decay. Of course, most sects teach only what increases the sect, not what is true, so the supposedly Christian church self-promotionally has her legalistic foot on the accelerator of human decay and cultural destruction, and her leaders have frequently become the thieves of whom Jesus spoke who have come only to steal and kill and destroy.


The children of Abraham could have and should have continued to listen to the voice of God, but when the Israelites arrived at the Holy Mountain, they sent Moses to get laws so that they would no longer have to listen to the voice of God. As a consequence of their decisions, though they were put into a land flowing with milk and honey, they repeatedly worshiped other gods and rarely took down the high places that oppose the knowledge of God. They frequently persecuted those individuals who chose to live by hearing the Holy Spirit and walking in that light. As their cyclical demise continued, even their venue for worship was destroyed, but instead of going back to hearing the voice of God, they doubled down and pursued yet further legalism, becoming a people of the book instead of the people of God. By the time Truth Incarnate arrived, they were so in bondage as people of the law that they self-righteously opposed the Word of God at every turn and became the perpetrators of the crucifixion of God’s holy Son.


The pioneer settlers of America were drawn by freedom to truly worship the one true God. But they too gravitated to legalism and religiosity, again becoming people of the book instead of the people of God. Worshiping the gods of safety and security, philosophy and religion, wealth and popularity, government and control, education and popularity, medicine and technology, entertainment and pleasure, the people of America have maintained these mountains, and the church has been syncretic, often leading the worship on those same high places. Simultaneously, America has continued to become hyper-legalistic, publishing reams of law, fighting back and forth about irrelevant details, while in the church, pursuit of actually knowing God and living by His Spirit is deemed of tertiary importance, of lower importance than both ecclesiastical law and rabbinical or episcopal directive. The Judaizers have more influence in the church than the few prophetic voices who would call her to focus solely on knowing and walking with her God, these true prophets replaced by Jezebel’s counterfeits who work with the false apostolic to pick and choose religious laws upon which to focus, stealing the Naboth’s inheritance of the true. The confusion infusion of immorality and the rising chaos of the American political and cultural scene serves only to confirm once again that the Law is never the Savior, that legalism cannot be integrated with the Truth, and that you must choose only one or the other: either the Tree of Life flows into your person by the Spirit of Jesus, or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil accomplishes your death.


But God has seen such decay before; He will not be stopped and His Word will be fulfilled and His purposes will be accomplished. There will indeed come a day in which the purpose of the Earth is fulfilled. There will indeed come a day when the knowledge of the Lord covers the whole Earth as the waters cover the sea. There will indeed come a day when every person on this planet knows God personally, hears God intimately, and walks with God continuously, and no one will have occasion to speak to his neighbor, great or small, to say, “Know your God.” There will indeed come a day where all of the high places are threshed into dust, and all of the mountains of man, all of his control structures, all of his rules and hierarchies, all of his political and religious and cultural manipulations… all are crushed, and in their place will be this one Kingdom whose beginning predates time and who whose ending shall never occur.


Thus, today is an opportunity for each of you who hears this message. Pursue God for yourself. Hear His voice and be led into His truth. See His person and be transformed into His very image. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Do not follow the mandates of religions of men; even a very little bit of legalism pollutes the whole with its fantastic destruction and edict of death. Follow only the Spirit of God. Do not judge by any rules; judge only as you very carefully hear and see Father judging. Be the child of God that delights the Father’s heart by communing with Him in every moment of every day. Worship Him truly by sacrificing your own tendencies toward living by your own set of rules and ways, instead increasingly substituting His ways and words and truths and life for yours. By living in union with Him and thus being His glory in the Earth realm, become a living, continuous prophetic act declaring that the glory of the Lord will cover the whole earth even as the waters cover the sea.



May 23, 2023

What season are we in as a church?


Big Picture: An Era of Reformation


We have entered into the first moments of the dawn of a new era of reformation of the church. She will no longer be satisfied with admixture of religion and relationship, nor continue to attempt to force the incompatible wedding of the Tree of Life to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, to but will fully trust Jesus as her Savior and Lord, and fully acknowledge the completeness of His saving work. She will demonstrate the fact that the old covenant is obsolete and has disappeared, and thus she will live and walk and speak by the Spirit. She will love Father God and worship Him, no longer participating in the worship of religious ways, traditions, or structures of men, leaving legalism and law-based judgment behind. She will be the sharp threshing sledge with which all of the high places, religions, and structures of man will be threshed into dust. This is the season of preparation which will culminate in the wonderful realization of the glory of the Lord covering the whole earth as the waters cover the sea, in which every person knows God and is taught by His Spirit directly, thus fulfilling the destiny of mankind, the earth, and indeed the whole of the earth realm.


Current Picture: : Powerful Pentecost via Perpetual Sabbath


In this time, God is calling His people into an intensity of intimacy with Him, such that every moment of life is characterized by constancy of communion between Father and His Children. This is not optional for those in the church who wish to be leveraged in this Springtime season of new life. This season is one of perpetual communion, and perpetual Sabbath, which is required in order for the glory of God to be released.

Out of the resulting union, God’s power and authority and favor and presence and salvation will begin to be poured out into the earth realm. This will be broader-based and less monolithic than previous moves, and is surely to be opposed by increasingly irrelevant religious institutions (even “Christian” ones) which are more committed to their structures and rules and law-based judgments than they are to freeing people into being led by the Spirit into all truth.


The outpouring of the Spirit that is beginning will fulfill the promise of the prophet Joel in which all flesh will be anointed with the Spirit of God, and the promise of perpetual Pentecost will be fulfilled. In these days, God will begin to demonstrate His power through His children, not only in healings and freedom and significant miracles, but also in the decimation of man-centered power structures in economic, military, religious, political, cultural, social, and relational arenas, to be replaced not with new hierarchies and control structures but with harmonious integration possible only via union with God.



May 23, 2023


I heard the Lord say, "We are on an uphill climb and its coming to a great expanse."


Also, we are continually positioned in the river so whenever we need it, we can simply reach down and splash some of Him /  the things of His Kingdom / onto us, such as refreshment, or change of focus or whatever we need in the moment.



May 23, 2023


We, as a church, are coming out of a wilderness season, a JOB season, which was very necessary, and designed to bring true ALIGNMENT with Father through the SPIRIT and move us into a place of receptivity.


He had set a hedge around His church so they could no longer run to their idols/lovers (those things not in line with Father’s heart. Those things/ways will no longer work, no longer yield the same results). He was/is bringing His church from the position of Him being MASTER to Him being HUSBAND, and this could only come through the CONSTANT CHIPPING at HIS HAND/HIS DESIGN. The design of this wilderness was to have us walking out leaning on Him, hand in hand operationally with Father.


We are currently sliding into position for RUNNING with Father (this step-by-step, hand-in-hand union with Father). We will begin to run soon, and we will be hitting the JOEL 2 MOUNTAINS as JOEL 2 WARRIORS like never seen before. BY HIS VOICE ALONE, will we walk and move and defeat! RESTORATION TO HIS ORIGINAL RELATIONAL PURPOSES. This is a massive army rising up. His ROAR IS UPON US.


There is a convergence upon us (this consolidation of SELF). [consolidation to make something physically stronger or more solid, a combining of things into a single more effective coherent whole] This Consolidation or convergence is not only on personal levels but deep-well global spiritual levels, and will create such an explosive Dunamis power. Wrapped up in this place is a place of His favor and goodness and the promotion of His promises.


Some scriptures to reference:
Ezekiel 37:1-10; Song of Solomon 8:5; Hosea 2; Joel 2:1-6



June 10, 2013


"To freedom you have been set free.  Father is calling you to exploit the freedom He has given you – He wants you to explore the vast opportunity to which you have access in the Spirit.  To whom much has been given, much will be required!  Do not be like those who drew back and were disciplined in the wilderness.   Let your spirit expand to the limits of the destiny of God on your life by spending time to listen and boldly obeying your Father!"