Covenant Life Fellowship Regular Services

Here are all the services that God is currently calling us to and blessing us with! Be sure to click on the link on the left sidebar to see the businesses we recommend!

What is a Sunday Service Like at CLF?

At 9:00 on Sunday mornings, the pastors, worship team, and some of the congregation meet to pray for about a half hour. The service usually starts around 9:30 with some singing and worship time. Often during this time, the pastors, elders, and various members of the congregation will share what God is saying through them. Sometimes the pastors tag-team teach a message after that and/or give time for ministry. However, because our services are always led by God, there are no guarantees about the order or contents of a CLF Sunday service!


We love to be together, have fun, learn, and know God. CLF services are never the same; the only thing you can count on is that God will be there!

Food Pantry

When, where, and who? Our CLF Food Pantry is held at CLF every first and third Thursday of the month from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. If you need food, come and share in the blessing! A photo ID is required for first-time registrations only.


How it Works: Starting at around 5:00,
people can begin to enter the fellowship hall. There, Pastor George III tells a short summary of what God has been speaking to him about. Ministry is available to anyone who wants it. Meanwhile, the pallets of food are being arranged in the sanctuary, and usually around 5:30, the first group of people are ushered into the sanctuary to begin the night's food distribution. Often there is worship music in the background.  Each participant goes through a line, checks in at the registration table, and selects a box of fresh, canned, and/or boxed food. Participants then exit the building and drive up to a loading area so that their food can be placed into their trunk. As room becomes available in the sanctuary, more groups of people are brought from the fellowship hall, and when the fellowship hall has room, people from the line outside are admitted for the cycle to continue.


Where does the food come from? Our food is of great quality and comes from Foodlink. Foodlink New York is an organization that distributes overflow food donated by grocery stores, food manufacturers, and other sources. Learn more about Foodlink here. Please note that the type, quality, and quantity of the food we have to offer is beyond our control, so we cannot provide any guarantees regarding the food we will give out each week.



***We need volunteers! Our food pantry has expanded dramatically and we always welcome people who will help to love and serve our community!

Prayer, Study, and Discipleship Meetings

The pastors and some of the congregation meet together on a regular basis to pray, study the Scriptures, and/or grow together as disciples of Jesus. These meetings tend to consist of a small group of people and usually run for a set number of weeks although some continue indefinitely. If you are interested in participating in one of these small-group meetings, please
email the pastors to indicate your interest.