Meet the Pastors

God appointed George Osborne, Sr. and George Osborne III as the senior pastor and lead pastor of Covenant Life Fellowship. He has blessed them with a wonderful father-son relationship that creates a terrific team, from tag-team teaching to planning events together. Their leadership style is relaxed, submitted to God, and open to the Holy Spirit's direction through anyone-via the mouth of a mature believer or though a little girl's crayon-drawn picture of what God showed her. Read more about what services are like at CLF here.


George and Betsy Osborne are a sweet couple...unless you threaten their grandchildren! George's apostolic calling and hard-earned wisdom is beautifully matched with Betsy's mothering heart and solid identity as a daughter of her Daddy God.





George at his daughter's wedding

His son, George Osborne III, is a strong pioneering man who is not afraid to be different. He is a best friend to his children and is on the front lines of a battle for our nation's children as a God-hearing parent and a homeschooler.


George III is an intense speaker with a passion for reality in knowing God and a hatred of religion. We are often amused (and inspired) by his teachings that are peppered with physics analogies due to his doctorate in high energy physics. Bose-Einstein condensates, anyone?